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Discover how to transform your CDE Dashboard colors by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and predictive analysis for real time projections and action plans to improve student scores in SELPAs, districts and charter schools.

Expatiate iTAAP Overview

Key Highlights

  • Actionable insights at student level for current and future academic performance
  • Guidance for district and school administrators, SELPA staff and teachers
  • Opportunities for intervention and corrective measures affecting performance
  • Meets and exceeds accountability requirements
  • Monthly assessments for projections and fiscal monitoring
  • Enhances student performance and diminish unfavorable outcomes
  • Data imported from district / charter school systems

iTAAP Benefits

  • School Governance

    School Governance

    School boards and charter school directors can address declining enrollment by providing constituents with anticipatory data regarding student performance, as well as program improvement across the dashboard color system. Governing boards can now make proactive decisions based on data.

  • School-based Staff

    School-based Staff

    School specific data analysis through iTAAP provides continuous data for immediate corrective interventions across indicators and student groups. For the first time, demonstrable improvement can be shown as a direct result of targeted interventions.

  • Administration


    iTAAP predictive data offers program monitoring with identification of site-specific interventions to improve outcomes in all indicators, as well as the effectiveness of academic programs. Proactive measures can be used to improve school climate, parent engagement and a range of measurable indicators.

  • Charter School Authorizers

    Charter School Authorizers

    iTAAP offers evaluation of past, current and projected school and student performance. For renewals, it is a data-driven tool that provides an analysis of future performance which has not previously been available to authorizers when evaluating applications.

Why iTAAP?

iTAAP by Expatiate Communications harnesses the power of artificial intelligence for real time projections and action plans to better student performance in SELPAs, districts and charter schools.

Innovative predictive analysis delivers timely forecasts based on current strategies and highlights opportunities to improve scores for students and schools.

Why iTAAP?

Key Indicators

  • Absence Rate

    Absence Rate

  • Suspension Rate

    Suspension Rate

  • ESL

    English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Graduation Rate

    Graduation Rate

  • Academic Performance

    Academic Performance

  • College/Career Readiness

    College/Career Readiness

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